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​​​​We are a specialty company finding the best cost effective way to add value for custom living or office, ADU, or vacation space to fit your needs. 

​We provide basement up;grade packages to homeowners who have decided to redevelop their basement for reasons that might include::

Existing basement failure
Limited ceiling height
Structural foundation unfit for waterproofing remedies
Development of office or living space
ADU or vacation rental
Investment returns upoon sale of house



Basement replacement packages can be customized to a client’s needs, though we prefer to limit our involvement to the following core project items.

  • Coordinate the basement engineering
  • Lifting the house
  • Lowering and reattaching to new foundation
  • Hooking up new utilities
  • Back fill and grading
  • Detailed cleanup

If your House is left on foundation:

  • We removie and replace with new foundation
  • Waterproofing new foundation
  • Hooking up new utilities
  • Detailed cleanup